Escape Reality Delaware

Thursday and Friday 2pm -8pm | Saturday 12pm - 9pm | Sunday 12pm - 8pm

Located at 27 Rehoboth Ave Across from The Grandstand.

Sessions Start At $10 per player and We Promise You It Will Be Worth It! 

Private Parties, Birthday Parties, Group Events  - Reserve Your Time!

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Unlock a new dimension at Escape Reality, an unprecedented virtual reality experience at the Delaware Beaches. We’ve harnessed the innovation of virtual technology to bring you the horizons of the future. Experience full-immersion games, worldwide destinations, escape room puzzles and beyond. Are you ready to challenge reality? Come redefine it with us.

WHAT IS VIRTUAL REALITY?  Virtual Reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by guests.  YOU become part of any virtual world you choose...and are instantly immersed in all 360 degrees of your environment. Play a Game Solo Or With Friends or Choose an Experience! 

Experience cutting-edge VR technology

at our very First LOCATION in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!

You have to try it to understand.. I felt like I had superpowers..
I fought dinosaurs.. OMG I had a real lightsaber duel..
I conquered the zombie horde..We demolished a city... I felt like Han Solo!
This is the most bad ass thing I have ever done! I can’t stop coming back for more!
I am officially obsessed with VR! That was the best part of vacation!
— -VR Guests


a 360-degree, fully immersive
Virtual Reality EXPERIENCE
with unlimited possibilities.




our top selection of just-released
Virtual Reality TECHNOLOGY
in games, destinations, & beyond.



into an affordable, enjoyable
Virtual Reality SESSION
with times starting as low as $10


Escape Sessions


10 Minute Escape: $10

15 Minute Escape: $15

*MOst Popular-20 Minute Escape:$20

30 Minute Escape: $30

We want you to have a great time enjoying VR by yourself, with friends, or family. Just stop by to play...or, you can book out an event or party and reserve a time.

Your Virtual Reality Experience is available in 10, 15, 20, 30 & 60 minute Escape Sessions at affordable season premiere pricing.

Plus you can purchase pre-paid sessions in 60 or 120 minutes for the best deal! Pre-Paid Cards can be used in 10 minute increments whenever you feel like Escaping Reality! Stop In and get one Today! 

Play with friends, family, or solo. You can also book a private event, corporate or birthday party--reserve a date and time by emailing

Thursday and Friday 2pm to 8pm
Saturday 12pm to 9pm
Sunday 12 to 8pm





Visit : 27 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth Beach DE

Call : 302-604-2739

Email :

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Step into a Virtual Reality Pod, which gives you 100 square feet to dodge, spin, and move. Our systems do real-time tracking on your hand controllers, head, and upper body for an incredibly lifelike experience. Join the boundless virtual world via arcade-style games, experiences, and challenges...ranging from real-life locations to fantasy worlds, environments from underwater to outer space, and everything in between.